“HIMALAYAHOUSE®” was born and appeared in 1999.
In 1994, an artist, who was interested in Indian knowledge(Veda*1 ),
meditation and more and based on the spirituality in the foundation of daily life,
established a design office whose main business was designing houses.

Afterward, having a turbulent period that seems vague, the design office is carried on through meeting destined companies by nature beyond the artist's subject.
We come to aim at embodiment of pure creation, Environmental Rebirth as a team ―
HIMALAYAHOUSE to realize more coexistence of being based on the spirituality.

Thus, in disturbance in 1999, by the enjoyment of the highest revelation that we understand as an oracle,



we started establishment of VAASTU*2 and activities to spread Veda as
supreme Dharma(roles and missions to accomplish) = “Kookan Healing” with the two brands throughout our lives.

We earnestly believe in understanding that every Kookan Healing technique of HIMALAYAHOUSE is the yoga that may also be called as miracle ― supreme Yagya*3 (HIMALAYAHOUSE YAGYA), and aim at pure activation of environments and consciousness*4 improvement of life activities and expansion of consciousness
to this day.

Vedic technology and information are ‘absolutely peerless and the greatest’.
Permission to bear Ω® improves the roles and senses of responsibility,
and leads to supreme environmental design from the source of creativity.

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