Thank you very much for having interest in Kookan Healing originated in HIMALAYAHOUSE® .
Please introduce Kookan Healing of HIMALAYAHOUSE® .

Kookan Healing of HIMALAYAHOUSE® is the generic term for VAASTU(VASTU)*1 brand Environmental Rebirth, which is product design ― design of matter and things.
Our main service is consulting and advice using Veda*2 (unified science)such as Indian Feng shui VAASTU which is the starting point of environmental architecture, yoga and Qigong, as Kookan Healing design consulting = Ω / Omega® .
We offer expert opinion and information for your question. Moreover, we offer the comfort through the knowledge and propose Kookan Healing of HIMALAYAHOUSE such as highly specialized environmental design and coordination(consciousness, architecture, interior, exterior, and so on).

For the details,
as consulting of environment and consciousness
aiming at pure activation of environment and consciousness(including subtle bodies in the Vedic scriptures),
we would like to propose the followings:

― Kookan Healing Art, HOMAPANEL® *3

Yoga for improvement of environment and consciousness
Kookan Healing Yoga

Space production
Kookan Healing design and coordination

We would like to support pure environmental creation suitable for your creative growth, along with healing of consciousness and body by upgrading your environment.

Environmental Rebirth that HIMALAYAHOUSE aims will develop
enhancement of life energy and expansion of consciousness.
Introduction(existence)of Kookan Healing will grow
the supreme yoga = unified science in your environment and consciousness.

Shall we establish the one and only beauty in unity?
We appreciate your understanding the VAASTU brand, Kookan Healing of HIMALAYAHOUSE - creation of public natures.

We always think about the mystical technologies created by Veda and aim to express them more beautifully, which is our business to practice devotion with an appreciation for spirituality.


HIMALAYAHOUSE Web/Kookan Healing and environments

HIMALAYAHOUSE Kookan Healing Gallery/Sangen-jaya Gallery/5-38-10 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku

Creation theme Activating the field related to Space(one of the five great elements), Indra and Jupiter
  Image of protecting and establishing intellect, space, justice and knowledge
Price JPY86,400(consumption tax included)
Reference Proposal for Durga® 6 vr.6.2 PDF(Under Construction)
HOMAPANEL® Mahabharata®
Creation theme Karma: image of offsetting bad karma that hinders your evolution and negative past deeds
Price JPY86,400(consumption tax included)
Reference Proposal for Mahabharata® vr.3.7 PDF(Under Construction)

Note:The image is partially processed.

Kookan Healing/HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU//Kookan Healing designed beauty salon
Kookan Healing designed beauty salon
Coordinated and designed by THE SIDHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GROUP® From 1999
This beauty salon is in corporation with HIMALAYAHOUSE also as a Kookan Healing gallery.