Activity of HIMALAYAHOUSE® ― ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω® ―

Environmental design

Co-creation of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ World

Thank you for your interest in ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ originated from HIMALAYAHOUSE®.

Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE® is the generic term for VAASTU(VASTU)*1 Brand Environmental Rebirth*2.

Our main service is product design ―
which is the knowledge and relaxation & design aiming to improve matters and things. Every activity(product)is Kūkan Healing ’. We provide consulting and advice in which Ω® is added to Veda*3(unified science) ― proposal and implementation through architecture of consciousness and environment VAASTU, Ayurveda, Jyotish, yoga, Qigong and others.

Those experiences would become like therapy.
In particular, the environment creation for the purpose of artistic relaxation of Art HOMAPANEL®︎ is in the innovation process from ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ to supreme Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω® Consulting in the transition since the birth of HIMALAYAHOUSE in 1999. In addition, it is thought to be dramatic growth of consciousness by Kūkan Healing ’.

We provide appraisal(survey)and clarification(response)for your question. Moreover, we will provide the creation of comfort through the knowledge, information and intuition by Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE as the highly specialized total coordination of the environment ― consciousness, time, space, architecture, interior and so on.

The details are as follows: as a comprehensive advice to improve the purity of consciousness and environment(including subtle bodies in the Vedic scriptures), which is our longstanding desire,

Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL®*4
― Experience Vedic wisdom and Art therapy

Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination of buildings
― Experience creating homes in Veda and comfortable living

Kūkan Healing ’ Meditation
 ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Yoga Ω® ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Shukra Yoga Ω®
― Experience Vedic technologies and the soundness

Kūkan Healing ’ and Ω® Consulting
 homa & therapy
― Experience relaxation and prana
― Experience the mystique called Vedic supreme yagya

We propose to make use of the above.

We would like to support environment creation suitable for your creative growth along with healing of consciousness and body by upgrading your environment.

Environmental Rebirth which is the longstanding desire of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ will develop
improvement & enhancement of life energy and expansion of consciousness.
Introduction of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ will grow the supreme yoga = unified science in your consciousness and environment.

We constantly aim to originate the creation as an artistic manifestation through the exploration of Vedic knowledge VAASTU.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

In 2021, the most prominent Kūkan Healing ’ proposes consulting and advice as Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω.

5-38-10 Kamiuma, Setagaya Ward, VAASTU Gallery
Yantra ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL
HOMAPANEL®︎ Durga® 6
Art theme Aiming to activate the field related to Space(one of the five great elements), Indra and Jupiter.
  Themed around protecting and establishing intellect, intuition, righteousness and knowledge.
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)
HOMAPANEL®︎ Mahabharata®
Art theme Karma: Themed around offsetting the bad karma that hinders the evolution, and the bad behavior that has been done in the past.
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)

* Consulting & Design
According to your inquiry, we will plan for you to carry out activities in the pure and natural environment based on true nature.

HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU renovation/Beauty Salon
Kūkan Healing ’ designed beauty salon
Coordinated and designed by THE SIDHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GROUP® From 1999
This beauty salon is in corporation with HIMALAYAHOUSE also as a ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ gallery.