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The furniture, interiors, and architectural buildings designed in the middle of 20th century(around 1940 - 1960)are called Mid-century furniture, Mid-century interiors, Mid-century styles and Mid-century designs. Mid-century is also widely used as a term for the time itself.
After World War Ⅱ, the ambience full of hope at that time produced creative vigor. Under the circumstance, companies organized ideal cooperative systems to back up designers and architects who single-mindedly pursued excellent design and good things financially and technically, so that the designers and the architects could make the most of their abilities, and many famous works ― masterpieces were born.
HIMALAYAHOUSE takes that it was the time that genius and genius designers like Mozart and Chopin in the music field could develop their abilities freely in constraint-free environments.
Furthermore, many wonderful works were created from the fusion of high-quality materials(wood, etc.)and artisanal mastery at that time, whether they were famous or not.
Good old things full of creativity still attract us even today.
In ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination, we think of your spiritual and material prosperity and active lives, and propose selected Mid-century designs.

(Nowadays, because of current rationality, in the trend that things for small profits and quick returns and mass production are becoming mainstream, it seems that creators are required to design what meets needs of the companies = popular culture.)

〈designers and architects that created works that represent Mid-century〉

・Joe Colombo(Italy)
・George Nelson(America)
・Charles & Ray Eames(America)
・Verner Panton(Denmark)
・Isamu Kenmochi(Japan)
・Le Corbusier(Switzerland)
・Mies van der Rohe(Germany)
・Frank Lloyd Wright(America)