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Yantra is an instrument that visually represents the power of the Hindu gods and the universe as a diagram, and it is said to activate the consciousness and environment by looking at and placing it around you.

Moreover, it is said that the truth exists in a yantra, and it has been revered as an object of worship or an amulet in India since ancient times. It is believed that it not only brings material prosperity, but also develops spiritual prosperity such as love, courage and self-confidence, which can be widely seen in homes, offices and temples.
(Yantra on copper plate is popular in India and is a popular souvenir.)

HIMALAYAHOUSE understands it is the window that connects us to the wisdom of the profound world.

It is a universal idea that special shapes and patterns have a mystical power, and it seems that not only mandalas but also hanging scrolls and paintings have mystique.

In the same way, VAASTU® Graphics Kūkan Healing ’ Art HOMAPANEL® of HIMALAYAHOUSE aims at the activation of consciousness and environment ~ self-establishment by looking at and placing it.
The beautiful Art is based on the oldest Feng shui VAASTU, condensing and expressing the pure essence of Vedic wisdom, and is truly a modern Yantra that goes beyond geometric patterns.

Even with only one Art ―
We aim to improve things by healing and adjusting your consciousness and environment.

We recommend you incorporate it into your daily life as Feng shui interior decor to easily decorate your house.

We have four types of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ CG Art : a longtime best seller VAASTU® Graphics HOMAPANEL® beloved by many customers, 5R size, Lakshmi® Yantra and Framed Art. Each Art has a theme that aims to improve, and there are approximately 90 different types to choose from.

Please make use of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ CG Art of HIMALAYAHOUSE ― Yantra wishing to activate and purify all environments including consciousness through the mystical experience.

It is said that we have a program to regulate excesses and deficiencies.
The yantra that attracts you may be the one you need now...
Trust your intuition🌱 We hope you will make use of it.

Yantra ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL


Yantra ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art, 5R size


Lakshmi® Yantra


Yantra Framed ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art


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