True winners

There is a difference between the word true winners in this site and winners used in general.
True winners mean to fulfill Dharma(mission in life)in Vedic doctrine.

The view of HIMALAYAHOUSE is as below.

The general image(view of society) of winners and losers is artificially created on the basis of the value of the human world in the process of spiritual development.
We often feel that we are ranked in various aspects by social background including family name, ancestry, gender, annual income and educational background.
These are sorted as discrimination by human ego, and it seems to be a modern caste system. For relative evaluation, when you say someone as a winner, it seems that you often imply the existence of a loser.

In contrast, the true winners that HIMALAYAHOUSE says are the embodiment of Natural Law and purity itself. Natural Law is the law that governs the whole such as all environments, the universe, nature and life, and it is the order itself.

The acts of fulfilling Dharma(mission in life), that is, acts of doing good, create true winners. Since these acts are not restricted by human ego but are based on Natural Law, the existence of true winners doesn't have meaning that losers are relatively created.

Dharma is a true role for spiritual evolution given at the time of birth, means pure dedication and also includes social contribution through work. For the will to carry out Dharma, Natural Law smiles and we can gain support of the environment.

Here is a simple example.
Let's consider a situation that X can choose job A with an average annual income of 20 million Japanese yen and job B with 7 million Japanese yen, but job B is his Dharma and an annual income of 12 million to 18 million Japanese yen can be expected through his efforts.

If he knows this condition and chooses job A because an annual income of job A is higher than that of job B, he will ignore his Dharma ― end up walking Adharma(against Dharma).
Just from the viewpoint of annual income, he has chosen a course for a winner from the image of the general public. However, from the viewpoint of Natural Law, he cannot be a true winner because he doesn't fulfill his Dharma(mission in life).
We can understand that it is his true winner that he just chooses job B, makes efforts to build public natures and becomes prosperous(spiritually and materially)in all.

We recommend you hone yourself consistently with Veda ― the one and only absolute knowledge.
Using VAASTU(VASTU)― the wisdom of the environment