VAASTU(VASTU)is a branch of the profound knowledge Veda in ancient India, relating to environmental architecture, environmental yoga, and design of living space and city planning. It also represents a pure field and a sacred boundary and relates to life energy and life itself in a broad sense.
Formally, it is followed by Shastra meaning theory and science and called VAASTU Shastra. Generally, it is regarded as Indian Feng shui.
Designs that harmonize the living environment with Natural Law are said to develop support from the environment and bring us the evolution and good luck. Some websites say that first class companies in America such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing incorporated it into part of design in some corporate buildings, and that the Indian subsidiary of a leading automaker Suzuki has been improving corporate performance and continues advancing probably because it adopted it to solve the factory problems(we haven't seen the official information of each company, and it is not known whether it is true or not).

We create environments based on VAASTU as product(things)design and coordination through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE®.
It seems that usual Feng shui service only offers the environmental knowledge about floor plans, city planning and so on. In contrast, HIMALAYAHOUSE widely regards all the creations including our consciousness and bodies as environments and will work on VAASTU design with the aim of the improvement of things by enhancement of life energy and expansion of consciousness.
Therefore, we consider that knowledge of all Vedas* such as the science of life Ayurveda and Indian astrology Jyotish is indispensable, and as part of our efforts, we will offer and provide our highest level of Vedic knowledge and information bearing the brand name Ω®.
Above all, it can be said that the provision of knowledge and information through VAASTU® Graphics ー HOMAPANEL® is the one and only environment creative design aiming to dramatically enhance and improve the environment in the present day.

In India, there are Vedic technologies called homa and yagya which lead people to happiness.
Moreover, we understand that VAASTU of HIMALAYAHOUSE can also be the embodiment of the mystical technologies.
We would like you to use “Veda = VAASTU” of HIMALAYAHOUSE ー environment creation that supports the improvement of things and the fulfillment.


*all Vedas
HIMALAYAHOUSE generically refers to “all yoga=unified science” including classified science such as Indian Feng shui, yoga and Qigong(meditation)as VAASTU because of the Vedic principle that everything is ultimately the same ― unity in diversity.
We understand that VAASTU means unified science for evolution that is the knowledge to allow the evolution(=improvement)of our consciousness and environment. Furthermore, we aim to create VAASTU through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE, Environmental Rebirth.

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